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Thursday, November 20, 2008

birthday i rake another pile of leaves

w. f. owen


upinVermont said...

Good to see another.

You possess a self deprecating streak that reminds me of Issa & some modern American senryu poets - though your senryu are more sensitive and imagistic than the usual fair.

This last effort is strong. I'll think of it the next time I'm raking leaves.

raking leaves -
mixing in my daughter's colorful

josh said...

indeed...yet another leaf on the pile

nice 1, bill

happy birthday


w. f. owen said...

hi patrick,

thanks for the comment and poem.
yes, i'm pretty busy these days, so
cannot post a poem a day, but i
do what i can. thanks for your


w. f. owen said...

thanks josh,

sigh:::indeed, it's that time of year.

good to see your comment,

Greg Schwartz said...

happy birthday, bill! nice poem.

upinVermont said...


no need to apologize. if I had more time I would be writing longer poems - blank verse & more lyrics. writing haiku give me a way to engage the world through poetry, a little every day.

between carpentry and family, not much time. post when you can. I do the same.

w. f. owen said...

thanks patrick. i'll have something up here
again soon.


w. f. owen said...

thanks greg! another year older
and, um, wiser, i hope.