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Sunday, November 30, 2008

autumn evening the long curve of the cat's claw

w. f. owen


upinVermont said...

A good haiku.

Bespeaks languor, threat, danger and comfort all in the same few words.

Written in the spirit of Shasei, as I understand it - a sketch. Shiki's haiku, apparently, are mostly written in this style.

w. f. owen said...

thank you!


ed markowski said...

have had five inches of snow with another five expected by morning.

can't recall winter setting in this early. haven't been above 36 degrees since november 7th.

per the national weather service we're good for another ten inches of snow later in the week if everything pans out.

i think we're trapped in a snowglobe or perhaps a currier and ives dream.

the lustre
of a moonlit snowman...
winter begins

a rabbit emerges
from the snowman's tophat

w. f. owen said...

hi ed,

well, that would put me outside the globe.
what an image!

nice poems. thanks ed.


josh said...

Vaguely reminiscent of one I read somewhere juxtaposing winter stars/sky with a cat's claw(s) in the screen door.

Nice one, Bill. Great pairing of autumn evening and cat's claw...suggests the current moon stage.

flood tide an old woman rolls up her yoga mat

w. f. owen said...

thanks josh. yes, i think i recall that haiku,
too. i like yours in your comment.


upinVermont said...

//and cat's claw...suggests the current moon stage.//

That's cool. I hadn't thought of that, Josh.