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Saturday, November 15, 2008

shrouded morning moon i dump the garbage

w. f. owen


upinVermont said...

This one is interesting Owen. The imagery is disparate (not to be confused with desperate). I'm reading it as I would read a classical Japanese Haiku, which may be a mistake.

I'm not sure I can draw the images together for that ah Ha, moment. Is the hint in "shrouded"? Or maybe I shouldn't be reading it this way?

ed markowski said...

has grown cold & the snow is falling in michigan. expected to snow each of the next four days.
in anticipation of the next four months...

snowed in
these four
green walls


w. f. owen said...

hi ed, hope all is well with you.
that snow sounds cold--and depressing.
it was mid-70s here today.

thanks for the poem,

w. f. owen said...

hi patrick,

well, this is as it happened last wednesday
morning (trash day). it operates on many levels.
it was a glow of moon just barely hidden behind
clouds--very beautiful. and here i was, dumping
garbage. the garbage too going out of view--
an in and out kind of mirroring between the moon and
a most earthly task. it just struck me as odd and
almost ironic.

anyway, thanks for investing your energy here.


upinVermont said...

Thanks Bill.

Your experience reminds me of one that I recently had. I went out after a passing rain and discovered some thievery.

at the bottom
of the trashcan the raccoon forgets
the moon

w. f. owen said...

A nice one! Thanks.