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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we lean into the campfire summer moon

w. f. owen


Anonymous said...

black coffee
unfolding, the pink
of a morning glory

high noon
the house painter's shadow
paints in the shade

falling star
the plink of a piano key

thought i'd cover morning noon & night.

w. f. owen said...

hi ed,

I especially like the simplicity of "falling star."
Nice work!


ed said...

one of the first haiku i came across when i began to develope an interst in short poetry was your...

full moon
the crater left
by a melon

this poem remains one of my all time favorites & is a great example of "elegant simplicity.


half moon
a flyball crosses
the dark side

w. f. owen said...

hi ed,

what a wonderful compliment.
thanks very much ed.

don't you just love these moon poems?


Greg Schwartz said...

I agree with Bill... "falling star" is a great poem. one of the best examples of combining two wholly different images I've ever seen.

- greg

w. f. owen said...

It's a good one for sure greg.

Thanks for commenting.