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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

summer comes

summer comes the honeybee clings to my shirt

w. f. owen


grh said...

I like the image a lot. And I really like the rhythm and the sound of the first five words. One could almost stop the poem there: "summer comes the honeybee clings". Or is that becoming too minimal? Probably so.

A lovely piece.


w. f. owen said...

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the comment. Funny you should
suggest shortening the poem even more, as I
am known to be a minimalist. I do think there
needs to be an object here though. Clinging,
per se, could mean to a flower or anything.
I guess I wanted to stay true to what happened.
Also, I wanted to keep myself (or any human--
I could have written "his shirt" or "her") in the
image to bring up our wanting to keep spring
here, rather than the excessive heat of summer.
Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thanks again.