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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve last year's dough in a cookie cutter

w. f. owen


ed markowski said...

location...minocqua, wisconsin
december 31st 2000...

new year's eve
the cabooseman's lantern
fades into the mist

location...new york city
december 31st 2003

new year's eve
the clatter of horse hooves
over cobblestone

location...caro, michigan
december 31st 2007

new years eve
amish wagons roll into
a blizzard

w. f. owen said...

nice ones ed. let's see what the
new year brings us.


upinVermont said...

A nice cross between Senryu and Haiku. Not sure which I would call it if I had to choose, which I don't.

I like it, Bill.

I haven't been keeping up on my own Haiku writing - mostly working on my blog - added an index to my first book. Wrote a good Haiku today, though.

Hope your holidays, so far, have felt like holidays.

w. f. owen said...

thanks patrick. and yes, it feels like
a holiday (well put).

Happy New Year!