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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my 500th post!

autumn morning two veterans shoulder their brooms

w. f. owen

Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps, 10 November
Thank you veterans, 11 November


Henrique Pimenta said...

Imagem em movimento.

w. f. owen said...

thank you, Henrique!


Magyar said...

Memorable post, Bill!

Area 17 said...

Happy Birthday to all veterans, I wish them well, and for those still serving their country.

We've just had our Remembrance Day on 11th November in the U.K.

Here's a prize winning haiku from André in the 2008 With Words Haiku Competition.

Joint 3rd Prize

Remembrance Day -
the child insists on a poppy
for her doll

André Surridge
Hamilton, New Zealand

all my best,

Alan, With Words
2008 With Words Haiku Competition Results: weblink

w. f. owen said...

thanks very much, Magyar!


w. f. owen said...

Thank you, Alan. What a nice poignant poem.
Thank you for sharing it!


Melissa Allen said...

Congratulations on number 500, and thanks for sharing your words with us.

w. f. owen said...

thank you melissa!