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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stating the obvious, I have been remiss at keeping this blog going. As you may know, my interests have turned back to another love--fine art photography. I say "turned back" because I practiced and taught underwater photography back in the '70s (1970s, I'm not that old!). Check out over 700 of my photos on
my photography pages. Other than the occasional abstracts I have created, most of my photos are not unlike haiku sensibilities. Both can be understood as snapshots freezing some experiential moments. Still, I continue to write haiku and related forms, albeit at a reduced pace. Indeed, I have penned (who uses pens anymore?) a tan renga in the current Frogpond co-authored with one of my writing buddies, Yvonne Cabalona. Here is that haiku sequence:

all day
a scale
on the fisherman's face (w. f. owen)

the delicate hover
of a hummingbird (Yvonne Cabalona)

Frogpond, 35:2, 2012

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Finally, I am working on a photo book for later this year probably for iPads only. I will keep you informed.

Take care,