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Saturday, April 10, 2010

years later money in her coffee can

w. f. owen


Magyar said...

an old book this cache of dollars

__Bill, I read 'em all; often, I cannot resist leaving an echo. _m

w. f. owen said...

i sure appreciate that, _m!


5654 said...


w. f. owen said...

hi 5624,

i used Google Translate and it translated your comment as:

"Home, many cockroaches, rodents, termites and even troubled by headache do? In fact, the characteristics of the animal can be used to carry out the work areas except at the beginning as far as physical methods, and some small home remedies to sent packing fleas, cockroaches , termites and other pests, really have no time to consider requests for inter professional termite and disinfection operations, to their homes of termites to feed on small strong assertive troubles once and for all." i am not sure this is accurate, but i thank you for commenting.