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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sudden calm

sudden calm trees point where the wind went

w. f. owen


Ričardas said...

never thought of bending of the trees in this way. great!

w. f. owen said...

Thanks Ričardas. Unfortunately, the brisk spring wind is back.


grh said...

I love the image here, first of all. And I love the structural possibilites the poem invites. One can begin the poem reading "sudden calm, trees point" or, without much strain, one can read "sudden: calm trees point..." Each way works in its own way, of course, and there is pleasure in playing with the possibilities. The breath of the wind through the last four words of the poem is especially nice. I don't think enough of our poems carry the music poems are meant to bear. Thank you for sharing with us.


w. f. owen said...

Thanks Grant. The "music poems are meant to bear" is a sentiment some have used to argue that haiku need to be longer. Longer poems, it is argued, give more words and syllables for rhyme, near-rhyme and, in general, "musical notes" to interplay. With me, I tend to be a minimalist--shortest possible haiku--so "music" is harder to accomplish. Anyway, I'm glad this one struck a chord with you.