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Monday, March 21, 2011

spring thunder i rub oil into the mitt

w. f. owen


Magyar said...

bases out
the lines are drawn

bags out lines drawn popcorn

Cannot say -peanuts- some may have an allergies. Smiles!

w. f. owen said...

hi M,

well, i'd say keep "bases" in and
i'd go for peanuts because of allusions
to the famous song.


al said...

Hello Bill: Love yr baseball haiku.
Here's my latest--a mostly senryu sequence--comprising a fictitious day at Yankee Stadium. Hope you enjoy:

"Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

(a senryu baseball sequence)


Bobblehead Day
pigeons in the bleachers
pecking seeds

Yankee Tribute Day
8 Yogi Berra's
in the front row

Old Timer's Game
Whitey Ford's fastball
clocked at 28 mph

autograph signing
the line of outstretched notepads
above the dugout

baseball pack
a piece of torn jersey
where gum used to be

"the game":

the infielders watch
a flying bat

a "thud" in the mitt
before he swings

towering foul ball
a fan's leaping catch
to stadium applause

"strike three!"
different fingers fly
from ump and batter

7th inning stretch
the heightened aroma
of hot dogs and beer

14th inning
a stray pigeon wobbles
into the empty bullpen

15th inning
the shortstop becomes
the pitcher

walk-off home run
the homer pigeons
nodding in the stands


game over
the slap of high fives
from the infield

next day
watching my team win again...
instant replay

--al fogel

w. f. owen said...

thank you al for stopping by
and for sharing your work!


martin said...

catcher’s mitt
the wind through the trees