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Saturday, May 2, 2009

no matter what i do the river runs

w. f. owen


Magyar said...

I really like this.
_I've always considered myself a "contrary," against the flow. _No matter what we do, the river continues; the river, a metaphor of nature's whole.

w. f. owen said...

thank you m. i do like this one as well because
it has so many potential meanings from frustration
to hope to power and more...


el coyote said...

no agenda
the river
just flows

Greg Schwartz said...

nice one! very zen and oh so true.

w. f. owen said...

thanks greg!


w. f. owen said...

thanks for posting.


upinVermont (Patrick) said...

Hmmm... this is the only haiku, of yours, that skirts cliche. I think I've seen the combination of "river" and "run" too many times.

Anonymous said...

I like it though it is on the verge of aphorism, reminded me of a saying of Confucius when he stood by the river:

“Time goes on and on like the flowing water in the river, never ceasing day or night!”


w. f. owen said...

thank you, Lu.