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Monday, February 16, 2009

February rain a dog hugs the fence

w. f. owen


ed markowski said...

another unpaid bill.
another shut off notice.
another winter day

hard times
she sells her collection
of depression glass


w. f. owen said...

nice work, ed, though depressing . . .


ed markowski said...

three more homes in foreclosure on our road.

god knows how many in the state.

i think michigan has surpassed mississippi for having the highest unemployment rate.

unemployment's at 20% in detroit.

about 12% in metropolitan detroit.

we've got another 10 inches of snow coming between tonight & thursday morning.

that's the way it is.

winter horizon
the length of the line
at the unemployment office


w. f. owen said...

oh ed, when will this carnage end...

hang in there,

Magyar said...

ten bucks...
this winning ticket buys
another bottle

_I wonder of the panic generated... the plausibility of underlying scams; such a contrary politico that, I am.

Patrick (upinVermont) said...

A strong haiku, Bill. The more I read it, the more I like it.

ed markowski said...

this poem was directly inspired by you & it is dedicated to you.

day moon
the dimpled surface
of a golf ball

the inspiration goes back a good six years to your moon /melon / crater poem which remains one of my all time favorites.

Greg Schwartz said...

don't worry, guys... the government will fix everything!

photo op
the governor dodges
a question

w. f. owen said...

wow, m, now i'm really getting dpressed.


w. f. owen said...

thank you patrick, i appreciate it!


w. f. owen said...

hey, i'm a state employee . . . i think.


w. f. owen said...

wow ed, i'm very honored. that is a superb