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Friday, September 26, 2008

the thud of the morning paper last meteors

w. f. owen


ed markowski said...

fourth & goal indian summer

indian summer
the erratic bounce
of a football


w. f. owen said...

nice poems ed. we are some distance from Indian summer i think--it has to first get cool/cold. Today: low 90s.


ed markowski said...

we had temps all this week in the high 70's low 80's.

next week upper 50's during the day, low 40's at night.

i'm sure we'll have plenty of mild weather before winter sets in, but i doubt we'll see the 70's & i know we won't see the 80's until may of 09.

winter usually sets in here around the first of november. we've had white thanksgivings the past five years.

halloween snow
from porch to porch
the yeti's tiny footprints

freeze warning
two old friends discuss
the weather

the tow truck driver whistles
jingle bells

w. f. owen said...

hi ed,

well, i'm envious about your current weather, but the snow i can live without. i prefer warmth.

enjoy & thanks for the poems!