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Saturday, August 16, 2008

moon halo fireflies in the mason jar

w. f. owen


ed markowski said...

yesterday, the woodward dream cruise took place here in metro detroit.

woodward is the main north / south road that runs from downtown detroit to pontiac, mi.

woodward has always been a popular cruising strip.

the dream cruise is billed as the biggest antique auto show in the world. people do come from all over.

yesterday, the crowd was estimated at 1.5 million.

as for the cars, well everything from herman munster's hearse to
old caddy's with big fins, funny cars that were definately inspired by big daddy roth, several old packards with california plates &
a whole lot of cars from texas.

it was quite an event.

Rocket 88
the moon appears
in a chrome hubcap


w. f. owen said...

hi ed,

what a nice description of that event. nearby,
in the Reno/Tahoe area, there is "Hot August Nights." it sounds similar, but I'm sure nowhere near the turnout you noted. sounds like quite an event.

thanks for sharing this,

josh said...

Lovely how all the Os echo the moon, its halo and the jar's mouth.

w. f. owen said...

thank you josh. your comment means a great deal to me. i appreciate it.