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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

drought a dried plug in the sunscreen spout

w. f. owen


ed markowski said...

lovers' lane
fireflies drift into

for rose mayes

bill, this poem circa 1974. the place, san luis obispo, california.
met a girl who treated me real kind. the next day i headed up to
the russian river. rose was on her way to san diego. oh to be young again!


w. f. owen said...


what a nice poem--and an even better story (a lead-in to a haibun?). i've got some similar tales myself. to be young again indeed. on the other hand, it's good to be "settled-in" too.

thanks ed, for the memories,

ed said...

agreed, settled is good.
if one's twenties were a perpetual
age, everyone would burn out by
the second go round.

all that wanderlust though made settling down that much better...

an orange moth fills
the emptiness of Texas

El Paso heat
another slice of brisket
melts in my mouth


w. f. owen said...


being from Texas myself, that brisket
brings back memories.

thanks ed,